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BS 25999 - cont.

The standards BS 25999 comprises two parts:


Kirk Langley, Director of Lawrence K Associates Ltd, was one of the first to achieve certification from BSi (the British Standards Institution)

as a BS 25999 Lead Auditor capable of:

All work will be performed in accordance with best practice and with the aim of achieving certification to the BS 25999 Part 2, normally undertaken by BSI Management Systems, an independent third-party, which will be the ultimate assurance to your stakeholders that you comply with BCM best practice.

BS 25999 - An Overview

Whatever the cause of a disruption, whether a major systems failure or an external emergency restricting access, continuity of “the business” is a fundamental need of any organization.

To provide the a common framework for business continuity management (BCM), the British standard BS25999 has been introduced to assist with development a management system.


BS25999 provides the fundamentals of a BCM system to help an organisation deal with an unforeseen emergency as well as take the necessary steps to mitigate known risks. Key elements are covered such as:

Staff welfare, Operational continuity or recovery, Communications

Reputation, Customer / Client / Stakeholder interests

BS 25999 has been developed by a broad base of experts representing a cross-section of industry sectors and the government to establish the process, principles and terminology for Business Continuity Management.

BS25999 provides a basis for understanding, developing and implementing business continuity within your organisation and gives you confidence in business-to-business and business-to customer relationships. It also contains a comprehensive set of requirements based on BCM best practice and covers the whole BCM lifecycle.

The spirit and intentions of BS 25999 are suitable for all organisations, large or small and from any sector.

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